*Tasting menus are only served to the whole table*


“”Milan: back to the future””

Milan cuisine today’s raw material

“Tre passi a Milano”
(Corned beef tongue, potato salad and Milanese style meatballs)
“Cereghin” eggs
Milan – Turin: veal nerves, red onion, tuna sauce, vermouth
Uè testina: calf’s head, red prawns, grapefruit and brava sauce
Filoni (bone marrow), vichyssoise, capperi di Salina, fave di Carpino, caviale dry
Deviled duck Yaki-cuori: duck heart skewers with toasted corn
Rice, milk, capers and licorice
Lamb tongue, bordolese sauce, potatoes and shallots
Sunset on the highway Torino-Venezia: veneziana (mini italian cake) and capuccino ice-cream

€ 80,00


“Small game”

10 surprise courses to know our kitchen
€ 90,00

“The game”

The expression of our daily work and passion

15 courses to discover
€ 110,00


Wine pairing suggestions

3 calici da € 30,00 a € 36,00 – 4 calici da € 40,00 a € 48,00 – 5 calici da € 50,00 a € 60,00





“Per cumincià apena seta giò…”

“Italian style antipasto”: Samples of different starters from the house (to share only) € 35,00

Duck foie gras casket € 30,00

Strolling in the vegetable garden… The best of our seasonal vegetables € 22,00

Pappa al pomodoro, sweet and salty, sea urchins, parmesan, lemon € 25,00

“Ossobuco Magenes style” (sliced veal shank) € 23,00

Limoncina gnocchi, Santa Margherita prawns and salted almonds € 22,00


“Ciciarem un cicinin…”

Il risotto “Giallo Milano 2010”: saffron risotto € 22,00

Cold spaghetti, caviar trilogy, chives and vichyssoise € 26,00

Risotto with Voghera peppers, passion fruit, cumin and burnt lemon € 22,00

“Italian Noodles”: ‘nduia, lime and coconut € 18,00

Agnolotto (raviolo), stuffed with gabilo (cod), pistachio, green tomato and olives € 25,00


“Tirem inanz cun la paciada…”

Sundried tomato oil cod, green olives and crunchy pumpkin seeds € 30,00

Grilled eel, Garronese beef tataki, horseradish and pesto oil € 30,00

“BBQ” Pigeon, yogurt, coffee, kimchi and apricot € 28,00

“Rustin Negaa”(veal loin), soft of tuna sauce, tosazu and capers € 28,00

Milk pork, shichimi togaraschi, pounded Norway lobster, artichokes, hazelnuts € 27,00

Veal cutlet Milanese with “Robuchon” mashed potatoes € 35,00
( Veal, high, breading with panko, clarified butter )


      “La buca le minga straca, se la sa no de vaca”

    Cheese buffet: our selection of cheese


“Un cicin de caluria per finì in allegria”

TiramiSùd’America: Brazil coffee, Bavarian salina caper and dulce de leche € 10,00

Bugs bunny would eat it too: Carrot floss, hazelnuts, Camembert cheese, black sesame seeds and mango ice cream € 12,00

Kakigori: fior di latte, yuzu and ginger ice cream flakes € 10,00

‼ BANANA ‼ € 11,00
( Banana, passion fruit, goiaba e wasabi ice-cream )

Lemon Absolute € 10,00

EGG or not EGG : primordial tartin € 10,00

White chocolate, fruit and tuna roe € 10,00

Sunset on the highway Torino-Venezia: veneziana (mini italian cake) and eggnog € 11,00

Tasting of six Gran Cru chocolates from Valrhona € 10,00


  • Moscato d’Asti (75 cl), Rizzi, Piemonte
  • Barolo Chinato (50 cl), Camerano, Piemonte
  • Spumante Rosè “Elena” (75 cl), Cabanon, Lombardia
  • Sangue di Giuda (75 cl), Calvi, Lombardia
  • Torcolato (37,5 cl), Miotti, Veneto
  • Passito “Rodon” (37,5 cl), Weger, Trentimo A-A
  • Malvasia Passito (50 cl), Il Negrese, Emilia
  • Malvasia delle Lipari (37,5 cl), A Pinnata, Sicilia
  • 1er Cru Classè Sauternes 2007 (37,5 cl), La Tour Blanche, Bordeaux