*Tasting menus are only served to the whole table*


“”Milan: back to the future””

Milan cuisine today’s raw material

“Cereghin” eggs
Devilled duck’s hearts, celeriac, cactus from the canal Naviglio and toasted corn
Uè testina: head of veal, pink prawns, grapefruit and brava sauce
Filoni, vichyssoise, truffle caviar, muscovado crumble and sea fennel
Mondeghili and mustard mayo
Pumpkin risotto, passion fruit, Parmesan cheese 16 month and liquorice
Jambonet of frogs, parsley, garlic, yuzu and mugnaia sauce
Vaca Vieja’s rib
“Roasted chestnuts in Duomo square”

€ 70,00

“Small game”

10 surprise courses to know our kitchen
€ 80,00

“The game”

The expression of our daily work and passion

15 courses to discover
€ 100,00


Wine pairing suggestions

3 calici da € 24,00 a € 36,00 4 calici da € 32,00 a € 48,00 5 calici da € 40,00 a € 60,00





“Per cumincià apena seta giò…”

“Bettella’s” cold cuts with fried dumplings and sweet and sour vegetables € 30,00

Foie gras of duck and her ashes, figs and peanuts € 20,00

Lamb tongue in fricasee and liquid Russian salad € 20,00

Pappa al pomodoro, sweet and salty, sea urchins, parmesan, lemon € 22,00

Veal marrowbone Magenes’ style € 22,00

Limoncina gnocchi, prawns and almonds € 21,00


“Ciciarem un cicinin…”

Il risotto “Giallo Milano 2010”: saffron risotto € 20,00

Spaghettoni, smoked oak butter, oysters “Po” and bergamot € 21,00

Risotto with Dorno pumpkin, grilled lobster and ginger thermidor sauce
€ 25,00

“Italian Noodles”: ‘nduia, lime and coconut € 18,00

Brescian-style rabbit plin, tubers soft, smoked eel, olives and pine nuts € 20,00

*Our risotti are served with Carnaroli Riserva San Massimo *

“Tirem inanz cun la paciada…”

Salted codfish “in potacchio”: San Marzano tomatoes, onions and taggiasche olives € 27,00

Jugged hare with topinambur soft € 30,00

“BBQ” Pigeon, coffee, Romaine lettuce, pistachio and kimchi € 27,00

Wild duck, figs, tandori and hummus of black sesam € 30,00
( cold cooked chest and confit thigh in salt crust )

Milk pork, shichimi togaraschi, pounded Norway lobster, artichokes, hazelnuts € 26,00

Veal cutlet Milanese with “Robuchon” mashed potatoes € 35,00
( Veal, high, breading with panko, clarified butter )


      “La buca le minga straca, se la sa no de vaca”

    Cheese buffet: our selection of cheese


“Un cicin de caluria per finì in allegria”

TiramiSùd’America: Brazil coffee, Bavarian salina caper and dulce de leche € 9,00

Even Bugs Bunny would love it: Blown carrot, hazelnuts, Camembert, black sesame and mango ice cream € 11,00

Kakigori: peeled ice cream at the moment, fior di latte ice cream, yuzu and ginger € 7,00

‼ BANANA ‼ € 11,00
( Banana, passion fruit, goiaba e wasabi ice-cream )

“Roasted chestnuts in Duomo square” € 11,00

EGG NOT EGG : tart primordial € 10,00

White chocolate, fruit and tuna roe € 10,00

Tasting of six Gran Cru chocolates from Valrhona € 10,00


  • Moscato d’Asti (75 cl), Rizzi, Piemonte
  • Barolo Chinato (50 cl), Camerano, Piemonte
  • Spumante Rosè “Elena” (75 cl), Cabanon, Lombardia
  • Sangue di Giuda (75 cl), Calvi, Lombardia
  • Torcolato (37,5 cl), Miotti, Veneto
  • Passito “Rodon” (37,5 cl), Weger, Trentimo A-A
  • Malvasia Passito (50 cl), Il Negrese, Emilia
  • Malvasia delle Lipari (37,5 cl), A Pinnata, Sicilia
  • 1er Cru Classè Sauternes 2007 (37,5 cl), La Tour Blanche, Bordeaux