Italo Agnelli Award

Italo Agnelli Award

The Italo Agnelli Award was created with the intention of celebrating the excellence of the Abbiategrasso area and contributing to its protection, enhancing it in its productive, cultural and social peculiarities.

Just as Italo would have liked, who with his example passed on these values ​​to his children, his collaborators and the companies he represented. Mr Agnelli, as he was called by everyone, was in fact the Secretary for more than 50 years, and subsequently the President, of Confcommercio Territorial Association of Abbiategrasso.

The appointment is renewed every year on March 10. The choice of this date is not accidental but represents the anniversary of Italo's birth. To commemorate his memory, his children Brunella, Silvia and Manuel, his wife Mirella, in collaboration with the employees of the Traders' Association and the Bem Service Center, its service company, are personally committed to carrying out the initiative.

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