Italia Squisita – Il miglior risotto alla milanese

The best Milanese risotto? You can eat at the Osteria Magenes in Barate di Gaggiano.

Complimenti a Dario Guidi e famiglia! Si sono sfidati 48 ristoranti di Milano e provincia alla manifestazione Giallo Milano 2010 all’Hotel Milano Scala, per decretare il miglior Risotto alla Milanese.

A jury of journalists and food and wine experts – coordinated by Saverio Paffumi – visited the restaurants participating in the competition, tasting the risottos and expressing a critical judgment at each bite. How did it go? 1st place: Osteria Magenes - score: 98/100.

The owner Diego Guidi was awarded by Alfredo Zini, councilor of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Vice President of Epam.

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Interview by Dario Guidi for Giallo Milano
Yellow Milan Award