Antica Osteria Magenes is Corona Radiosa 2024: the highest recognition of the "Il Golosario" guide to the best tables in Italy

Golosaria 2023: Premiazione Corona Radiosa Osteria Magenes

Golosaria 2023: Tradition is innovation

“Tradition is innovation” is the theme of the eighteenth edition of Golosaria Milano: for three days the best of Italian agri-food was on stage, including historic producers and innovative start-ups. 

This year too, the Antica Osteria Magenes was awarded the Corona Radiosa (Radiant Crown), the highest recognition from the guide to the best tables in Italy by "Il Golosario", a prize dedicated to memorable stops, with extraordinary culinary experiences.


The food and wine event is back, having come of age with its 18th edition. Patron Paolo Massobrio: “Our soul? We propose relationships"

It was a round trip. The first leg is the one that Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, together with ninety collaborators, travel around Italy in search of excellent producers and products. The return is Golosaria, a distinctive event in the food and wine events sector, which brings the best of Italian agri-food to the stage, including historic producers and innovative star-ups. The 18th edition took place from Saturday 4 to Monday 6 November at the Allianz MiCo Fieramilanocity. “Il Giorno” interviewed its patron, the journalist Paolo Massobrio.

Let's start with the theme of Golosaria 2023, "Tradition is innovation (and vice versa)", what do you want to tell us?

“The identity of Italy is tradition, made up of many producers who have safeguarded the great biodiversity of our country, the only main road of creativity and innovation. It all starts from here, in the world of food and wine, today we have many young producers who look to tradition to innovate the products of the land, which is a great laboratory where everything happens. An example is annona, an exotic Calabrian fruit, Gualtiero Marchesi was one of the first to use it in the kitchen. Now we also have other exotic fruits such as mango and papaya which are used by chefs but if we still talk about Calabrian annona we owe it to the great Maestro Marchesi".

This year Golosaria turns 18, there will be 200 producers, over 100 selected labels at the wine tasting counter, the participation of chefs and masters of taste. What is the secret to success?

“I believe that what distinguishes Golosaria from other food and wine events is the fact that it offers 'relationships'. For three days we put the best producers we met on our trip around Italy on a pedestal, they talk about themselves to the public and therefore a climate of relationships is created. This year at the presentation of the ninth edition of the "Il Golosario Ristoranti" guide there will be more than a thousand restaurateurs present, who come only for that moment but then stay to learn about producers and products".


Proud of this award, we return to Barate di Gaggiano more energized than ever and we are waiting for you to try what the Gatti-Massobrio guide considers to be a memorable stop with an extraordinary culinary experience.