Eating in an enchanted garden near Milan

Mangiare In Un Giardino Incantato Alle Porte Di Milano

The garden of the Antica Osteria Magenes: 6 isole dedicate incastonate nel rigoglioso guiardino dove poter degustare i nostri piatti circondati da fiori e alberi rigogliosi.

Outdoor dining can offer a variety of pleasurable experiences that can make mealtimes more relaxing and memorable. 

Furthermore, our Osteria, located at a few km from Milan, offers such an incredibly peaceful and bucolic atmosphere that one is amazed that the chaos of the city of Milan can be so close.

Ecco alcuni motivi per cui molti dei nostri clienti trovano delizioso mangiare all’aperto nel nostro bellissimo giardino:

Contact with nature

Eating outdoors allows you to enjoy the fresh air, the sun and the surrounding landscape. Being surrounded by nature can create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Pleasant atmosphere

Our garden, cared for down to the smallest detail, from lighting to flowers, creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
The open and spacious environment can contribute to a more fulfilling and relaxing experience than closed environments, especially with the arrival of summer.

Change of scenery

Breaking out of the usual routine and eating outdoors offers a change from the usual indoor setting. You can enjoy a "new location", with a different view from the winter one, which can add a special touch to your dining experience.

Sensory experience

Opening spaces to the outdoors can stimulate your senses in different ways. You can smell the flowers, hear the birds singing or the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees, and even taste your food in a different way, influenced and cradled by your surroundings.


Mangiare In Un Giardino Incantato Alle Porte Di Milano