Identità Golose 2024

Identità Golose 2024

Osteria Magenes and chef Dario Guidi choose Tenuta Margherita's Carnaroli rice

The Tenuta Margherita farm, in the Vercelli area, active since 1904, grows its own rice, a Carnaroli, on its own land. Some stories have no boundaries or age, they simply have their roots back in time.

Their story, like ours, starts from far away, back in the years to 1904, when an idea and a few simple emotions found a home in a farmhouse, immersed in the Piedmont countryside. This is where Tenuta Margherita was born. 

For our risottos we choose Tenuta Margherita Carnaroli, which, with its 2nd grade® processing, gives us a rice with an amber color and intact properties.

Il nostro chef Dario Guidi, in occasione di Identità Golose 2024 he prepared a lemon risotto with anchovy garum, parsley oil and liquorice, characterized by a particularly intense flavour.

We are waiting for you taste the risottos prepared by our chef and enhanced by the Carnaroli rice from Tenuta Margherita!