From Iconic Risottos To Try Outside Milan

Risotto Giallo Milano 2010


We thank Giorgia Bardolese, author of the article that appeared on il 28/10/2023

There is nothing that cannot be solved with a smile and a good risotto.

Everyone knows, Milan is the home of risotto, one of the most iconic dishes of Italian cuisine and comfort food par excellence. But it is not only in the Lombard capital that excellent risottos are eaten: we have selected ten to absolutely try, outside Milan (plus one, in the city of the Madonnina, which could not be missed).

Antica Osteria Magenes 

Follow the course of the Naviglio Grande, take a couple of typical streets of the Milanese countryside and you will find the brothers Diego and Dario Guidi, respectively maitre-sommelier and chef, together with mother Mariella, who know well what conviviality means, given thatOsteria Magenes It has been around for over 100 years. The Risotto Giallo Milano 2010 by Dario (first place in the Giallo Milano competition) is a symbol, almost a duty to taste for Milanese and non-Milanese alike, immovable just like the saffron in Milanese rice, with that crunchy grain stuck perfectly between one molar and the other that only perfect cooking can provide.

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