Source: Regione Lombardia

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The awarding of the Antica Osteria Magenes as a "Historical Activity of Lombardy" is a significant event that recognizes the value of businesses that have contributed to shaping the history and culture of a region. Our restaurant represents an extraordinary example of how gastronomy can be a way to preserve and celebrate local traditions.

This award is a tribute not only to the culinary excellence of the Antica Osteria Magenes but also to the strength of family stories and the generations that have succeeded in carrying forward this tradition. The description of the restaurant's cuisine and atmosphere highlights how each dish is a living testament to Lombard culinary history and how the restaurant's environment itself is steeped in history and culture. This is an important aspect of tradition preservation because it's not just about preparing food but also sharing its history and significance with customers. Finally, the award underscores the importance of preserving the cultural roots of a region and passing them on to future generations. The Antica Osteria Magenes serves as an example of how historical activities can be a guiding light for the future, keeping traditions alive in an era where modernity often threatens to suppress them. In summary, this award initiative is a tribute to the dedication of the Antica Osteria Magenes in keeping alive the culinary and cultural roots of Lombardy and an invitation to all to celebrate and appreciate the historical activities that play such an important role in preserving the history of a region.

An initiative to express the thanks of the Lombardy Region to those, like us, who contribute to making Lombardy great. These businesses have been described as the beating heart of the Lombard economic fabric. Throughout all these years, despite the difficulties, all of us have been able to resist and innovate. Merchants, restaurateurs, and artisans also represent a social presence within the communities. For this reason, we have been defined as a source of pride for all of Lombardy.

The Criteria

To be considered eligible as a historical enterprise, the business must have operated without interruption for a period of no less than 40 years. As the regional councillor for Economic Development, Guido Guidesi, emphasizes, "Often, these are family-run businesses: stories of people who, generation after generation, meet the daily challenge of work and know how to remain competitive."

The Award

Ceremony In the heart of Lombardy, amid the long shadows of medieval castles and urban modernity, there is an establishment that shines like a star in the culinary firmament of the region. This hidden gem is the Antica Osteria Magenes, a place that has earned the title of "Historical Activity" for its iconic role in promoting Lombard gastronomic tradition. The awarding of this restaurant is not just a recognition of its culinary excellence but also a tribute to the history and culture of Lombardy. Located in a historic building dating back to ancient times, the Historical Lombard Restaurant is an authentic gastronomic museum where each dish tells a story, and every flavor evokes memories of past generations.

Its cuisine is a journey through time, with dishes that celebrate the agricultural and peasant roots of the region. From saffron-rich Milanese risotto steeped in tradition to cassoeula, a dish that recalls winter peasant festivals, every bite is an experience of nostalgia and appreciation for Lombard culinary richness. But it's not just the cuisine that makes the Historical Lombard Restaurant an icon of the region. Its atmosphere tells a story of bygone eras, with interiors preserving the original architecture. The staff has been trained to share the stories of each dish and guide diners through a culinary and cultural journey. The awarding of this restaurant as a "Historical Activity of Lombardy" is a tribute to the dedication of its owners and staff in preserving and celebrating Lombard culinary tradition. It is a recognition of how important it is to keep alive the culinary roots of a region and pass them on to future generations. In an era where speed and modernity often threaten to overshadow traditions, Osteria Magenes remains a beacon, illuminating the past and guiding the future. This award is an invitation to all of us to celebrate and appreciate the historical activities that, like this restaurant, keep the cultural roots of a region alive, one dish at a time.

Source: Regione Lombardia

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