In 1890, the Magenes were already in Barate where they found their first entrepreneurial step in beer and soda.

cattle dealer and butcher respectively, ran a butcher's shop with an inn, where their respective wives, Nunzia and Ernestina, worked in the kitchen and service.

Magenes is a meeting place for local farmers and artisans. Those same Farmers, who on December 12th 1969, were also present during “the massacre of Piazza Fontana” in Milan, like our grandfather Carlo who miraculously survived.

Here appeared the first telephone in the country and the first television.i c’è il primo telefono del paese, qui c’è la prima televisione.

The whole town gather at the "Magenes", a place to meet, chat, great meals and drinks. The place of conviviality par excellence.

This is the place where our mother, Mariella Magenes, was born and still lives by our side every day, in this great adventure. mamma Mariella Magenes che ancora oggi è al nostro fianco, quotidianamente, in questa grande avventura.

From 2007 it's up to “the young”!

Dario Guidi Magenes was born in 1987 and he is the chef of the Antica Osteria Magenes.

From the very beginning, Dario’s signature is to combine new and traditional flavours, his imagination in experimenting with new materials imported from all over the world but also his nostalgia, which leads him to rediscover those lost flavours of his own land.

Thanks to the freshness of his ideas, Dario is noticed by JRE italia (Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe) in 2016. 

Graduated in Economics of Financial Markets and raised in the kitchen of his grandmother Nunzia and his mother Mariella.

He worked with Mathias Perdomo at the "Pont de ferr" in Milan and did several internships in Spain with the "Adrià" group.

My idea of cooking? A dynamic cuisine that starts from a strong local culture but dealing with the "excellens" that comes from all over the world.

The ingredients that should never be missed are “Love and Fun”

My cuisine told in 4 words: creativity and innovation combined with tradition and territory.

“If you don't know where you start, you never know where you’ll end up”. Are you ready to go on a journey with us?

Diego Guidi Magenes was born in 1980 and is the maitre of the Antica Osteria Magenes.

Graduated in political economy, a great lover of wines, most of all artisanal champagnes and small wineries.

He has graduated at the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS-Milan), he is also an oil sommelier (Onaoo - National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters) and coffee sommelier (Nespresso).

When food becomes conviviality, tradition, passion.

F.lli Magenes tocca ai giovani

In 2010

We won “Giallo Milano 2010” as the best saffron risotto.

In 2015

Chef Dario Guidi Magenes became "Ambassador of Taste" for Carlo Cracco.

In 2016

With great pride chef Dario Guidi Magenes joins JRE Italia (Jeunes Restaurateur d'Europe).

In 2017

We received the "Italo Agnelli" award from Confcommercio.

Dario Guidi Magenes

In 2019

Chef Dario Guidi Magenes joins the board of JRE Italia, dealing with the "new entries" of the association.

In 2020

According to Il Golosario del Gatti-Massobrio we are "Corona Radiosa" the most prestigious award from the guide.

In 2021

We received the "Tavole della Legge" award from Food Community.

In 2023

Il Golosario del Gatti-Massobrio awards us "One of The best italian restaurants".

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